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l_objectif wrote:

Once again, I would like to very strongly protest against whoever made this silly decision of excluding prominent members of our community from posting here, their “home”!

I am very proud to see the outrage of my fellow forum members who put years to build this small but unique, strong, inspiring and civil community.  I am also not surprised that those who are supporting this so called “Moderators” decision do not belong to our “Community” and are “outsiders”!

If by any chance any low life has filed any complain against Dov, Choi or anyone belonging to the Leica Forum, I am asking DPR if that person is a real and serious contributor of this forum? … This is his word, or aim, against the rest of our community!

This is a fact that most of us possess more than one camera and shoot with different lenses, but we belong to the same forum which we call “Home”! This is a small community that has always been welcoming “New-Comers”; a vivid and vibrant community made of older and newer members. We almost know each other, try to assist each other the best we can; and, we have set the example of civility in DPR. We are like members of the same body and work together even if we live in different cities, countries or continents. We are inspiring and progressing  with each other’s work regardless of the camera we are using! We are those who created, protected and defended the “Spirit” of the “Leica Forum” regardless of what label is on our camera or lens! We just can’t be scattered around different forums and lose the communication between ourselves; the kind of communication and the collaboration that we put years to build for our benefit and for DPR’s benefit!

We welcomed moderators for Leica Forum because we needed someone, recognized by DPR, to protect our forum from trolls, ill-intentioned individuals who sometimes come with the only aim of making a mess in this forum, often even attacking us for being too helpful and too civil to each other. ( I am not surprised if one of those individuals has caused this sudden decision) !!!... We surely did not welcome any moderator who would break this community’s spirit, the camaraderie and the working ties between us!... We certainly do NOT need that kind of “Moderation”!

I hope DPR would very seriously consider everything that has been said in this very important thread  by the "real member" of this community and would realize and correct this very bad mistake.



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