Very good camera in its class, can be excellent with effort

Started Mar 26, 2013 | User reviews thread
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Re: Very good camera in its class, can be excellent with effort

peter42y wrote:

I have the 220HS model.

I do not like color rendition outdoors. I usually decrease the amount of blue and green and  increase the red in post processing.

The low light champion is  Elph 500HS with aperture of 2

I didn't think the color outdoors was that accurate either, skies in particular, without the tweaking I noted and +1/3 EV; sounds like it is similar to what you do PP.  Tweaked I like it a lot for what it is.

I had a 500 HS and didn't care for it.  The faster lens didn't turn out to be that important for my typical uses and I really never liked the touch screen interface.  Buttons allow a much faster way to interact with a camera, at least for me.  It also had more visible noise at ISO 400 and up, though I can't figure why since it's the same sensor and Digic4 processor.  And despite tweaking the colors I never got it "dialed in" the way I've been able to do with the sx230.

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