We really have a very good lenses choice. Agree ?

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Re: We really have a very good lenses choice. Agreed ?

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

CharlesTokyo wrote:

JoostL wrote:

The most comprehensive list:


Even this leaves out some lenses.

True, I don't know if it is a delay on updating, or they just pass some lenses.

I have currently limited myself to only include native lenses. The reason for this is, that there are still looks of gaps in the current database and there is also only limited information available for most manual lenses, like SLR Magic.

The lensbaby system is also missing, as I have still no good idea how to include it.

Although not quite native they box it with an adapter for m43s. (Needs an adapter for any camera) The Kenko/Tokina 400m mirror lens.


The Skink pinhole lens.


Thought they were missing the Nanoha, but there it is at the bottom. I'd like the Madoka lens to come out for m43s.

We really do have a great choice of lenses available. Not many holes left. A wider prime like 10mm, telephoto primes. The expected Oly higher end zooms won't really fill in holes at this point, but will offer some choices and maybe a 7-14mm-ish wide that doesn't have as much CA.

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