How many MP to make really good A2 prints?

Started Mar 26, 2013 | Questions thread
Steve Balcombe Forum Pro • Posts: 12,663
Re: How many MP to make really good A2 prints?

timccr wrote:

So far then I need to have something between 8 and 34MP. I think I sort of knew I would get answers like that!

Yes, but there's a good reason for that - they are answers to different questions.

Hugowolf mentioned 300 dpi and that's correct for an image which needs to stand close examination at normal reading distance. An example which especially comes to mind is the aerial photograph which Glastonbury Festival publishes every year on the final day - A2, and everyone views it at arm's length looking for their tent and reminiscing about a favourite spot on the festival site. 34MP would not be too much for that, but any more would be wasted because the printing process couldn't reproduce it.

On the other hand a typical formal portrait to be hung on a wall and viewed from 10 feet away would be fine at 8MP.

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