I think Thom was right, again...

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Re: I think Thom was right, again...

Ah, at last some real economics...

In fact re-reading the thread, I feel there is a film vs digital hint that has nothing to do with economics. Plus, most compare the cost of using film today to the one using digital, today also, while we should compare with the costs that were common in the film last days (circa F3/F4/F5).

Many here say that film was costly to get processed, but in those times, "amateurs" would have at least a small B&W wet lab at home (bathroom usually), have a small stock of chemicals and middle grade papers that were cheap enough in those times (OK some big format baryted papers could cost you a hand)

We bought films by packs, sometimes even by reels (cheapest) and loaded ourselves the 135 canisters  ! Most young amateur photographers of that time would do that, and most of them were quite poor in today's standard ! And of course we took less shots !

The other main argument is that the computer and al, shouldn't be included because "I use it for everything else"... Maybe, but without a computer you just can't see, use, distribute, print those pictures, while with film you don't need a computer at all (nor electricity) !

I went the digital way, just because the society I live in, is digital, and it's easier to flow with the current, but I still have my old cameras, some B&W film and can develop a negative roll in any place, at any time, I just need water and a lightproof bag !

Nowadays, film is more for an elite group (or whatever), digital is here to stay, the upgrade frenzy will stop or equalize at some level, computer will be cheaper, memory too... And maybe our phones will be better cameras... But let's compare one process with another at comparable times and full costs

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