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I am on the hunt to upgrade my current laptop (Dell inspiron 1520, 4G RAM, Core 2 duo, Seagate Momentum 750GB). I use my laptop for all my photo work, with Lightroom and Photoshop. I also have an old Eizo screen 19" that I use when I want more screen surface. I use the Xrite eyeone display 2 to calibrate my screens.

The ideal setup might be a desktop computer, but it just doesnt fit my current lifestyle.

I have been looking at the Asus rog g55 and g75.

I would like a good setup performance wise (Right now my files are 12 MP, but they might get bigger in the near future). My budget is around 1200 euros. I would prefer a touchpad with "separated mouse buttons". I am not after ultimate portability. I am more for a solid build, with little noise and good cooling (which are big selling points for the Asus G55 and G75). The screen should be decent, but doesnt have to be pro grade (within my budget it is probably out of reach anyways).

Do you have an opinion about 15 vs 17 inch for laptops? Do you agree with the G55/G75 suitability for photo related work? Other laptops I should look at?

Solve all your problems and get a Mac laptop. Don't muck about with a Windows based one.

And why diodes buying a Mac solve the problem?  Can you even get a MBP for 1200 euros?

Pas with most things, you get what you pay for.

let me correct that for you.  You get what you over pay for.  MBP are nice well built machines. I have owned two. With the new non upgradable MBPs i cannot recommend them even with the retina screen.

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