We really have a very good lenses choice. Agree ?

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If good means many then yes.
If good means light then yes.
If good means a wild random mixture of look, feel and features the yes.
If good means image quality then sometimes.
If good means magic then no with maybe one exception: 75mm 1.8.

The only lenses I ever need is an UWW, classical fast 35 & 85.

7-14: purple blotches on Oly sensors and flares like crazy, great whenever it works
9-18: plastic feel and optically just ok
35: 1.4 or better with AF nowhere to be seen; 1.7/1.8 is just not good enough for me on mft at that focal length
85: The 45mm 1.8 has the cheapest plastic build I ever owned (optically quite good though). 45mm 2.8 is too slow for me. 43mm 1.2 - let's wait and see if it will be great and below US$ 1000.

Magic? Not for me. I find magic in the best Canon L and Nikon lenses, in real Zeiss and Leica lenses. Some Hexanon and some Voigtländer. Hasselblad.

As you said lenses can "have something magical" but I guess magic can be very different for different people. To me mft is rather convenient than magical. The same holds true for Sony and Fuji in the mirrorless arena from my perspective. My problem is exactly that I am not finding magic in the mirrorless world. No excitement. No emotion. Maybe I am just ripe for a Leica.

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