RX100 or NEX for my needs?

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Re: RX100 or NEX for my needs?

I'm not really interested in a full sized DSLR just because of the sheer size of it to carry around everywhere. $650~ is basically my limit. I really don't want to spend more than that. The compactness of the RX100 is very appealing because I could take it everywhere. The NEX appeals to me because of the larger sensor. Is the RX100 smalll enough to sneak into a stadium concert?

Here's a great site I use often when comparing cameras:


I picked the NEX-5R and the RX100 in advance, you can choose between a lot of different models. On the left you can compare the cameras from the side or from the top.

The NEX will of course be significantly bigger depth wise with a lens attached. Here's an example with either the 18-55 kit lens or the 16-50 lens attached:


I agree with some that the Nex with a kit lens will not give you THAT much better results than an RX100, but it will be better in low light, and the handling is better, at least if you have large hands. I have the NEX-5n myself and tried the RX100, and with the RX100 you have to be more careful and use a hand-strap since it feels like you might drop it more easily. That said, I'm much more likely to bring the RX100 with me because of its convenient size. The NEX is of course very small as well, but you'll likely need a small camera bag to carry it with you, and that's always just that tiny bit less convenient than a camera in your pocket.

It's your call, but I think you'd be better off with the RX100. Unless you want to use different lenses in the future, in which case the NEX would be a better bet. Also, if image quality is very important, the NEX with a quality lens will be miles ahead of the RX100.

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