What makes more sense?

Started Mar 24, 2013 | Questions thread
Dave Lively Senior Member • Posts: 1,835
Re: What makes more sense?

Since you are not sure what you want buy the camera with the 16-50 and use it for a while.  You will have a nice camera with a very compact zoom.  After using it for a while you should be able to answer this question much more accurately.

If you find yourself taking a lot of pictures indoors and are getting noisy shots because your camera has to bump up the ISO due to low light get the 50.  If you want shallower DOF to blur the background more once again the 50 is your best option.

If you are having to crop because the subject was too far away get the 55-210.

You may even find a third option is what you really want.  If you are taking pictures of more than 1 person indoors the 35mm f1.8 may work better.  Using the 16-50 set to 50 will let you know how much you like that focal length.

If you cannot wait I would go with the 50.

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