DP1 Merrill / DP2 Merrill / DP3 Merill - what are the differences

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Re: DP1 Merrill / DP2 Merrill / DP3 Merill - what are the differences

rattymouse wrote:

hexxthalion wrote:

Thank you very much to all of you who took some time to shed more light into my question and I'm sorry if I started some heated debate regarding possible differences in rendering between DP2M and DP3M.

I decided to go for DP2 Merrill which will replace in my camera bag Fuji X100 (if somebody wants it, give me a shout, otherwise it will be on eBay) and will be nice addition to my X-Pro1 and M6. Thanks a lot again.

May the photography be with you

I have both an X100 and a DP2M.  No way does one replace the other.  The X100's low light ability CRUSHES the DP2M's.  I am barely satisfied with ISO400 with the DP2M.  I shoot at ISO1600 without hesitation with the X100.

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Hi there, I'm replacing it not like for like. X100S has X-Trans, I already have X-Trans based camera and it does better job than my trusty/rusty X100. It would make no sense to add another similar camera that's why I'm looking for something completely different. In the same way as I added M6 - again completely different to X-Pro1.

At no point I said that I want a product which is competing with X100/X-Pro1. I want something which will allow me to print large and is portable and something that will be used mostly for landscapes/architecture and other tripod work - to record memories from holidays in a small package with the opportunity to print large.

For my street needs I have M6 and X-Pro1.

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