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I just recently started using AWS Glacier for super cheap cloud storage (1 cent / GB / month). There are several clients available that make backing up to the service completely handsoff (incremental backups like Time Machine). I haven't found cheaper storage anywhere. The downside is that it is an archival tier of storage, so you will pay to get your data back (5% of your data can be downloaded for free each day, after that you'll pay an additional 1 cent / GB).


Rick, which client do you use for AWS?  Fast glacier?

I have my data backed up on an external HD (WD Black) and a Synology NAS.  A couple days ago the external HD failed.  It's pretty new and WDs high-end longer-warranted model.  I was pretty nervous until I got a second backup again, took over a day to get the approx 700 GB backed up again.  Think I need to go to cloud-based.  I've been thinking about doing it for a while and AWS sounds pretty good.  Just wondering what client you use.

regards, David

I'm using Arq for OS X, it seems pretty great so far-on the fly encrypt encryption, budget control, and an open source command line tool to access Arq backups . I think it was around 30 bucks.

So far my experience with AWS glacier has been exactly what in I had hoped for-- uploaded ~100GB of photos and data , the upload cost ~$3.50, and will only cost me $1/ month for storage!!

P.S. in case any one is considering glacier, you must keep in mind it is for archiving, not real time access like dropbox, etc. This is why it costs ~1/5 as much as most other services.


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