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D7100 Non-pushed looks fine - maybe.

Horshack wrote:

Jared Huntr wrote:

IMO, it's the opposite in terms of correctability.

If banding results in streaking like an inkjet printer running out of ink, how do you easily fix? For color shifts, I can simply shift hues and saturation around until I get the desired color balance.

Nik's Dfine 2.0 handles banding well. Shifting hues around to get exact balance is a bit rough.

Here are my D7100 vs D5100 5EV push samples. These are without any shadow tint adjustment; I've found that a +1 shadow tint (toward magenta) improves the D7100 pushed images but they're still way off. I tried creating an x-rite profile from the color chart but it fails, probably because the colors are too far off.

D7100 12MP Base ISO Full Image (no EV push)

I wrote up the following based on the image at the above link being a D7100 file. I killed the post once I discovered that the EXIF says it is a D5200.  Might want to check into that. Regardless, if there is no color shift in non-pushed or moderately pushed D7100 files, I have no problem with it.

Pushing 5 EV? Would be too much for me. I find the shadow area in this image more than acceptable - without any push.

The need to draw detail out of every shadow may be going overboard these days. High ISO junkies (with discerning tastes) are finding brickwalls at much lower ISOs than what is actually being offered. I say it is the same with the shadows. Still beats Canon right?

I'm looking around my home office right this minute with my naked eye at various shadows and there are many with levels too dark to see. If one wants realism, not every shadow should reveal unrestricted detail. I think the color shift in your D7100 image is a fit "punishment" for needing a 5 EV push (that's 5 stops right?).

If your D5100 file shows no color shift at a 5 EV push, good on it. Is this pushing in a localized area or pushing the whole image? Could be, if a 5 EV push is a reasonable expectation, the D7100 camera profile needs some fine tuning in whatever software you are using. Or maybe the firmware.

Did I read someone to say that the sensor in this camera is not a Sony?

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