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Re: same here: I don't trust cd or dvd

TOF guy wrote:

The kind you record at home goes bad with time

And it's funny how technology bring new, unwanted, thing.

Before CD's we had never heard of the aluminium eating fungus - then the alu CD's arrived and the fungus started eating the layers.

Now we have gold, silver, platinum, etc layers - soon we may have gold eating fungi.. or a bacteria that thrives on silver..

I know it sounds silly - be that aluminium eating fungus was unknown to the average man before CD's started.
We start up technology advancements but we don't know the full outcomes or hidden problems (well.. because they are hidden.. duh (to me)).

As an OT example - what if all these wind turbines are altering wind patterns of some other global system?
Think for a moment - you can't create energy, all you can do is convert it from one form to another. when we turn the turbine, we are taking energy out of the air movement.
What if that energy is required for some other global system to work - but we won't know that for another 100 years, and it's too late to fix it then..

Anyway, sorry for the OT.. the thoughts came to me as I was typing about the CD eating fungus.

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