Finally...Tamron beats Nikon

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Trolls love to say others are trolling

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

DXO says you're wrong. Another website for you to ignore.

Uh huh. And two weeks ago I tracked my friend's Nissan GT-R. We both beat R&T's 0-60 times twice. But based on your thinking we DIDN'T because the magazine already posted a 0-60 time for the car.

Bottom line: DXO is a joke. They are dead wrong about several lenses at least. Aren't they the "serious" sight that still has yet to measure a 70-200 VRII?

Reilly, the ONLY review that really counts is that of a person who's actually shooting the lens in the real world.  I understand that it's "comfortable" to believe in those websites, but it's little more than a beginning when it comes to photography.

And I generally don't comment on gear I don't use, Reilly. I may complain about a spec, such as the focus breathing and lack of VRIII on the new 80-400, but until I actually USE the lens I will keep my mouth shut about its performance.

So with that common sense, may we see your Tamron 70-300 VC shots? Or how about a Nikon 70-300vr shot that is as sharp? Either will do and would be on topic and not trolling, sir.


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