Upgrading T2i (550)

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Re: Upgrading T2i (550) - Committed to Canon

Thanks. We probably should have been scared but the bear looked pretty calm.

Wild animals are exactly that. You cannot predict what they'll do. However, bears aren't really predators in that a mountain lion views you as a meal but bears just want to eat berries and a female with cubs wants to protect her cubs.

Unless the bear views you as a threat to their food or cubs they aren't really interested in you. Still, you cannot predict what they'll do.

I guess bear spray gives you a false sense of security. Came close to pulling it out once. It's funny that some people carry it in their backpack. Not much good there. I had it hanging from my belt and made sure it was easy to pull up. I saw people hiking carrying it in their hand.

If you're really interested in Glacier give me your email address and I'll send some info. It's very possibly the most beautiful park I've been to. Where do you live?

#13. Bear just above the shore. We saw this bear while on the boat (this photo was taken just after I got off). There were two groups of people hiking about 30 yards above the bear. They were coming from either side towards each other and the bear was below them. They didn't seem to know the bear was there. There was a ranger on the boat and she tried to alert them but they couldn't hear her.

#14 & 15. The moose as it started to veer away from me.

#26. Grizzly just above our trail.

#27-30. Grizzly cooling down in the little stream.

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