What I learned from Gollywop -- and what I wonder

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Re: What I learned from Gollywop -- and what I wonder

GeorgianBay1939 wrote:

Anders W wrote:

I don't really think that's a mystery either. The subject is simply complex in the sense that there are many variables/parameters involved and there is quite a bit to know, and keep in mind, about each of them. Hence, the likelihood of logical slip-ups increases signficantly.

Practice makes perfect though. That's why it is important to think and talk about it. Some people are wont to say that "theoretical" discussions of the present kind are of no help in the field. I think it's exactly the other way. Only by thinking and talking about it will you eventually know exactly what to do in the field, and do so intuitively and instantly. For example, I know "without thinking" when it's the proper time to switch from ISO 200 to ISO 400 on my E-M5 when I am out taking pictures. But I do so only because I have exercised my thinking about the matter quite a bit beforehand.

As a beginning photographer, using a GH2, who switched to RAW last fall, (to capture high luminance range scenes) I can attest to the huge value of this thread and the ones that spawned it.

Like most "conventional" photographers I got sucked into the conventional wisdom of interpolating film/jpeg concepts to working in RAW.  Then I went through months of frustration reading misleading books and internet articles (about "exposure").  Fortunately I had a mentor who showed me how to load a sensor optimally   ... by concentrating on the "highlight" frame when shooting a bracket for HDR fusion.  But it was a struggle separating the dead-end paradigms from the new useful ones.

Gollywog's initial thread is what got me to register in Dpreview, to thank you folks for the fine work you are doing, and to share the delight in now having proven techniques for capturing difficult scenes.


Although it might seem self-serving and presumptive for a beginner, the above thread might be helpful for those who are debating whether it is worthwhile or not to study Gollywop, Anders, Tex, Vlad, "bowie", et al.  ( I gotta admit that DM is a little tooooo detailed for me.  Maybe later.)

Good stuff!

Glad to hear that Tom!

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