Uncommon Still Life II

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Re: Uncommon Still Life II

win13 wrote:

Bob Tullis wrote:

The challenge has additional rules : " No.... watermarks , logos or superimposed text ".

I was thinking , that the image was DQ  because it has a watermark  .  Now, the image is back in the challenge  , with the same watermark .

So  ,  I'm just  confused about the rules ...

[forehead smack!]  Can I be prosecuted twice for the same crime?  

Should I withdraw?

I hope so as both the Host and You have made a mistake. Be a Man Bob and withdraw it and if time is allowed post another photo.

Happy Easter to you all.

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Kan Win

Withdraw it please Bob.

Take the watermark out and then re-post it, well that is what I would do to be fair and square with the Host's Rules na djust checked you do have time to do it.


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Kan Win

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