I think Thom was right, again...

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Marcin 3M
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Dont forget about software, storage & pc...

I've bought PS 4 some time back in 1998/9.

Then I've upgraded it to version 7 - I really don't remember, what was the point to do that. Maybe some new upgrade policy. However, it was a great upgrade, because of ICC support (it was required because of my Nikon Scan 4000).

Now we are forced to buy new upgrades every 1.5 year. Of course, one can stay with LR or any other product, cheaper than PS, but generally the PS is "must have" for working photographer nowadays. It's quite likely, that software developers will take care about our wallets allowing for only "in cloud" processing model.

For some of us new camera means also a new PC - it is the case of the D800, that requires more computing power (asp. combined with ACR).

Also file storage is a issue for the photographer. If only her/his work is not based on a shot-process-sale-delete scheme, keeping the thousands of images together with backups is also expensive.

Yes, I know, in the "film era" the materials were required . But today materials are also expensive. The ones, who owns a pro printers, also noticed that printer creates daily costs by the head cleaning routines. Btw, since the beginning of digital age I've trashed several printers, while I still have enlargers from mid 80's in fully working condition.

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