Sigma (SA mount) lenses on SONY NEX

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Re: Sigma (SA mount) lenses on SONY NEX

andystar wrote:

tomslaptop wrote:

Looks like it might work for some Sigma lenses but what about those without a way to manually adjust aperture setting?

The lens aperture is full open. I need this adapter only for SIGMA 10-20.

There is a trick for stopping down SA lenses for use on manual adapters and other accessories. It requires a Sigma SA or SD body (an old film model such as the SA-300 will be fine). Mount the lens, set the camera to A or M mode, and select the aperture you want to use. Press the depth of field preview button so the lens stops down, then while holding it remove the lens. The diaphragm will stay closed down once off the camera, and can be used on an adapter at the smaller aperture.

A couple of caveats: First, don't blame me if this damages your camera or lens! However, the same trick has been used for years by EOS lens users and I don't remember hearing any horror stories. Second, you need to repeat the whole procedure every time you want to change aperture so it's not ideal for rapidly changing conditions...

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