If this video doea not address it nothing will! For EPSON

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Re: My least favorite line

rodbam wrote:

Is where he rubbishes the Colormunki which for the money seems to work great especially if you use aftermarket inks & papers.

He didn't seem as nice as the Canon reps:-)
Regards Rod

Yes, that also did strike a nerve with me. Also the bits about how he loves when "We" waste lot of ink and expensive paper.

Also the bit about that it's too bad that we get head strikes and other problems when we use papers other than Epson due to the fact that Epson includes the paper settings in the driver.

Makes me think about why Canon IPG printers allow you to create custom paper settings that will be added to the list of media choices in the Canon driver. Many paper providers will also include a file that includes all the paper settings for the printer to adjust itself for thickness, optimal amount of ink, etc.

Oh and maybe the reason we go to other papers is because they are BETTER?????


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