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Nope: comparing Immature vs Mature technology


Some time ago Thom Hogan posted that digital might not actually be cheaper than film, because you end up buying new bodies so often.     I'm starting to agree with him, even though I shoot far more digital shots than film.

Here it is 2013 and I just bought yet another Nikon.   This year it's a D800e.

In late 2005 I bought a D70s.

In early 2007 I bought a D200.

In late 2007 I bought a D300.

In late 2010 I bought a D700.

Hmm.  5 cameras in 8 years.    And they've been significant upgrades, in at least some ways.  Enough to basically have me stop using the previous generation, except I did use D200 and D300 at the same time.

Which makes me wonder, what is Nikon going to have 2-3 years down the road that is going to obsolete my D800e?

(Or perhaps complement it.   I could see buying a D800es, which simply gives me 8fps and some small autofocus improvement.)

In contrast, I bought an N90s in 1995 and used it until 2005.   All I had to upgrade was the film I used.

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I beg to differ:  this "Thom" was apparently not aware he was comparing an immature technology, Digital, with a very mature one, Film.

Because Digital is (or at least was) still relatively immature, new cameras have tended to bring REAL benefits.

But personally I think this is going away quickly:  my D7000 from 2010is still serving me well, has quite good IQ, and 16mp of resolution is plenty.  And the D7100 brings nothing more, and retains horribly slow CDAF and no AF in video.  So I likely won't upgrade this year, and likely not next year and so on.

In your case the D700 was launched in 2008.  YOU bought one only in 2010, and you decided to upgrade in 2013 which makes 5 years from the launch date.

A few years from now new models will be bringing NOTHING to the party:  any existing models will have more than enough resolution, the viewfinders will all be 100%, the screens will have more than enough resolution, and so on.  And actually perhaps no one will want DSLRs anyway because saller lighter cameras will have closed the performance gap.

So digital will have become very cheap - because no one will need to "upgrade", ever.

This "Thom" should have thought about that.

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