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Re: LX7 Setup Guide and Tips and Tricks Video

Lobalobo wrote:

This strikes me as absurd design by Panasonic. For all the reasons the OP said, it would be nice to set aperture and minimum shutter and let the ISO float.  I suppose Panasonic thinks that once you've gone this far, manual exposure is the likely choice, and indeed that's what I'll do from now on.--I'll set the shutter speed and ISO then use that ring as needed to adjust aperture as lighting conditions change from shot to shut.  Not a bad approach, come to think of it.  Thanks to all.

In P mode is possible to change exposure parameters S & A pair by rotating wheel.

I wonder if limited S time can cause higher ISO setting...

But I think ISO must be under control to protect pictures from noise.

I set limit to 400 and use 2 types saved in Custom C1/C2-1-2-3 ( to save color and sharpness setings too)

First is MTF option then aperture is optimal for sharpness.

Second MAX to use as short time as possible and ISO max 400.

When situation is more complicated i. e very  fast moving objects P mode can be not useful if we set min shutter for 1/30s for stills.

Than I use adequqate value in S mode i.e 1/800s for cars, max open aperture  and do not care for ISO than because I do not have any choise only use longer shutter to decrease ISO but with a risk not sharp object (sometimes it can be also nice of course).

When I use the A mode?

If I need to set demanded DOF.

It is not true that this not work on small sensor-  it works very efectively when we use camera for macro...

Of course for portraits we should use A mode too or P Max.

P mode has additional value - in very bright light it turns on ND filter automatically and protects pictures for overblowing areas.

In A mode we can forget about it. Visibility on screen in the sun is not perfect and sometimes we can miss if ND filter is on or off.

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