D7100 superb camera gives some great results.

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Re: Grainy background again!

antonoat wrote:

Shunda77 wrote:

What is the deal with the mottled look to the background, particularly on the owl shots? This seems to be popping up quite regularly at relatively low ISO on several pics posted on this forum. Do you see this as normal? have you noticed anything like this in other shots at low ISO?


there was a lot of difference in exposure between the owl and the very dark background, I was exposing for the owl!

This was shot at iso 800 and no noise reduction was used, I think it's quite good results condsidering the circumstances.

Appreciate your comment, thanks

Thanks for taking the time to reply Tony, and I think a lot of people here appreciate your efforts here.

Beautiful captures and I look forward to any more that you might post.

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