SAL 85mm 2.8 vs Contax G 90mm 2.8

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Contax G 90mm 2.8 -- Metabones

iceccream wrote:

nrcole wrote:

You won't be disappointed with the output though. Punchy, razor sharp, and with a lot of pop I don't see in any other lens I own (18-55, Sigma 30, 55-210, FD 50 1.4).

this.  i'd say just grab the contax 90mm off ebay.  it's arguably the best value lens on the market, and if you decide MF isn't working for you, just resell.  IQ wise, bokeh is subjective, but by all other measures it's about as good as it gets.

also, from my experience i'd recommend the metabones adaptor, as i've found it's focus action to be much smoother (though i've only used a kipon copy).

Well -

Focusing of metabones/contax G is  not too bad  - once you actually manage to attach the lens such that it fits. Which in fact - at least for my copy --  implies that you need to take the epoxy glue and glue the lens to the adapter. No joking. Otherwise the lens rattles left, right, front and back and the coupling mechanism for turning the lens is somewhere between "fully engaged" (if you point the lens to the sky) and "loose" (if you point the lens to the floor) .

The build quality of this adapter is a very sad story. Tolerances are way too high. Especially regarding the price i would say this adapter in fact stinks. However - if you do the epoxy thing (or if you happen to have an adapter with less tolerances) the focusing works fairly well.

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