This Forum has gone to the dogs!

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Re: This Forum has gone to the dogs!

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

I understand what you are saying, but the forum is doing decently well these days.

The bad parts have gotten VERY bad indeed.  But ignore those and look at the interesting or informative parts, and there's actually a decent mix of those now at the top level.  I count a fair majority of the top-most threads as being "useful".

There's no question this board is hurting for moderators to come in and enforce forum rules (and indeed simple rules of decency).  But until that time comes, just block off threads from view when they start to go south, and enjoy (and contribute!) to fresh threads when they arise and present new information.

I come here to look at the very good pictures that many of you post. I can't afford a Sigma camera right now.

Unpleasantness in forums can be avoided if you never post a sentence that describes the character of another member, and never reply to any post that insults you.

It isn't a major problem here.

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