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Re: best photo manager app for iOS...

Roland Schulz wrote:

Ok, first I know this is not the "right" forum, so please keep your comments for this with you.
I feel allowed to post this here since this is a frequented pro forum with people earning money with their photos, showing them to clients, maybe with the very fine 3MP Retina display of an iPad3/4 or even iPhone4/5.

I´m looking for an app that takes my files from my computer to show them around with my iPad3. I don´t like any clouds, servers or accounts, want to take my files offline with me on the device. Transfer is preferred via iTunes, app file transfer mode.
I want an app that shows the native resolution of the file, no prerendered proxy files.
I already tried several apps, but none meets my demands perfectly:

* Files Pro from Olive Toast Software
Best for me up to now, but no real photo manager app.
+ shows native resolution of files
+ quite fast
- no metadata displaying
- no 5 star voting system
- no Google Maps display of GPS data
- thumbnail tiling mode without filename display

* Photo Manager Pro by Linkus
+ nice design
+ quite fast
+ "Geotagging"
+ useable EXIF display
+ thumbnails with filenames
+ 5 star voting system
- no native resolution display, even not with "Reduce Photo Size" switch disabled
- displaying quality inferior to files pro, even in full image view
- looks like using proxy files (JPEG artifacts in zoom that are not from the native file)

* myPhoto by tyworld
some goods but also bads from the others, no native resolution displaying, somewhat buggy and slower, often crashes...

some others that I don´t remember since I only wasted money and time.

What is your prefered photo manager app that also meets my demands from above best?
Thanks and regards,

I guess this why the Macbook Pro and Air  do so well.

Seriously though. I gave up a Windows PC and photoshop and bought a top of the line 13"MacBook Pro and Aperture so that the place I did my work was the same place I could take with me anywhere. No resolution, metadata or file transfer issues at all. And an added bonus for me is seemless synching with my iOS devices for family viewing.

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