Fuji XE1 versus Nex 6 image quality

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Re: Fuji XE1 versus Nex 6 image quality

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

I did a shotout at a beautiful scenic lookout the other day between these 2 cameras.

I took several panoramas with Sony Nex 6, 16-50 kit lens and Samyang 24mm F1.4 lens at about F7.1 (adapter was on so hard to tell exactly what F ratio it was).

The Fuji I used the 14mm F2.8 lens and also the acclaimed 35mm F1.4

The 14mm Fuji was better than the 16-50 Sony but the 16-50 isn't too bad at all and better than you might expect in a kit lens. I quite like it.

The sharper image is the Fuji with the 35mm lens. This is a very sharp lens as I have compared it against my pro level Nikon 24-70 lens which is quite sharp and the Samyang is a bit sharper and richer colour. The Samyang Nex 6 image is almost as sharp though and this is also a very sharp lens so its a good comparison. The Samyang is quite a warm lens and gives quite rich colours.

Overall the Nex image and the Fuji image are very similar. The differences in colour is more to do with the lens than the cameras. I have others where they are very similar.

I used sweep panorama for some other shots and surprisingly the Fuji ones worked out better. The Nex ones had too much tonal/exposure variation in them.

http://upload.pbase.com/image/149391206  Fuji XE1 35mm F1.4 lens F6.4

http://upload.pbase.com/image/149391334  Sony NEX 6 Samyang 24mm F1.4 lens at around F7.1

Conclusion: They are very similar and the lens is the more important factor between them for sharpness and resolution. The Fuji is a tad sharper (no AA filter no doubt) but not as much as you would think, its only a bit.


You did something wrong, because the NEX should be a tiny bit sharper like this (NEX-5n on the left, Fuji on the right):

And this (Fuji is the bottom right, others are cameras with bayer mosaic)

But Fuji is much better to use though, because these NEXes are all crippled as hell.

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