Why I Prefer the E-5 over the OM-D

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Re: Why I Prefer the E-5 over the OM-D

GNapp Studios wrote:

The OM-D is great...it probably saved the Olympus camera division and I thank the camera for that.

But I prefer the E-5 for 2 reasons.  Most important, the E-5 shoots at a low ISO of 100 while the OM-D only goes as low as ISO 200.  In outdoor shooting  when I am trying to overpower the sun with strobes, that is critical.  I wish the E-5 had a low ISO of 50.

Although I would not disagree with your choice, I don't quite see the problem. Firstly the OMD has immense highlight latitude at metered exposure. Generally I'm shooting at least 1 stop more exposure than the meter is telling me. Secondly 'overpowering' the sun is a question of the strobe putting more light on the subject than the sun, not the ISO setting of the camera. Finally a simple ND filter can be used if desired.

Second, the E-5 has an amazing battery life.  I can get about 300 more shots on a fully charged battery with the E-5 than the OM-D.

My comparisons show no difference in the quality of the shot from ISO 1600 down.  At ISO 3200 the OM-D has less noise and slightly more vibrant colors.  I rarely shoot even above ISO 800 but even at 3200 I can use a noise program and punch the colors up with AfterShot Pro so the images look excellent.

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