We really have a very good lenses choice. Agree ?

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Well, no

I enjoy the variety of lens too, and I do want to be able to setup one that suite my wanting and my need, and I admire good workmanship in a lens, but these days I am less thrilled by the lens many mirrorless Mfr been producing ( and not just M4/3 ) .. they are lens alright, but lens that do not actually image well ..

And speaking of choice. The M4/3 might have the most ( in quantity ) among the mirrorless but its far from good selection. One do have a multitude of zoom and among them a few fix focal, and this is the case as of now. So I want a efficient mid range standard lens say. If I am Sony NEX or A mount user, I can go for their native 35mm/1.8, if I am a Nikon FF user I can have the 50/1.8 ( and both G or D version ), a Canon user can choose the 50/2.5 macro or the 50/1.8-II or the 40mm STM for their APS-C. What for M4/3 the 25/1.4 is certainly nice but hardly mid range ( by price ) and the 20mm , well having loads of distortion and CA is not what I would expect from a f/2.0 class standard lens ...

The M4/3 had a range that serve the consumer and casual amateur well with a few that deliver performance but over all it need to broaden its range and made lineup product diffrentiation. Lens that are catered as right now for compactness but OK for Consumer and Amateur end, and lens that can do dedicated Enthusiast and even Semi-PRO and then also the high end lens that do deliver all ( like the 45 and the 75 Olympus ) And that goes for both zoom and fix focal from the wide to nominal Tele range.

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