This Forum has gone to the dogs!

Started Mar 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
Davethepom Regular Member • Posts: 391
Hope I'm not one of them Motoman?

I love this forum. I don't buy newspapers anymore, watch next to no telly & haven't been to the flicks in about three years!

Gimme the Sigma Forum, a bottle o' red & a "busy going nowhere" SPP churning away in the background and I'm as happy as Larry (oops, no pun intended Larry!!!)

I even manage to get out on the weekend to mend the Trumpy (m'bike), spill some oil & take a few pics of the changing face of urban Melbourne.

My Sigma gear is worth millions to me and this Forum helps me do this taking pictures thing a bit better than I did before partaking. Who'd have thought that a minim like me could correspond with professional photographers & not feel embarrassed, incompetent or inept whilst doing so.

It's what you make it...


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