My HS50 EXR - Impressions ...

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Re: My HS50 EXR - Impressions ...

Thanks for your honest appraisal - the fact is that despite being 4th generation on paper, it`s only 2nd generation sensor wise (there hasn`t been any evidence that the sensor is any different from the 3yr old HS20 sensor) and a 2nd generation of body (there was the HS10/20/30 body/lens and now the 50) .. Fuji haven`t upgraded things since the 20 IQ wise - sadly when they made the 50 (the real second generation) they didn`t give it a new sensor such as an X-Trans AND went on an NR Binge across their whole camera range (ruining the JPG output from the X10 nd X100S along the way) ..

I`m amazed you`ve not landed an XS1 Dave - you don`t need loads of resolution (even the HS cams were enough) and its hardly, if any bigger than the HS50 and the quality is in another universe .. The HS10/20/30 had the advantage of putting a very handleable manual camera in a small package, the 50 lost that size advantage, do you really need 1000mm - can `t cropping a far better quality 600mm suffice ? .

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