Fuji X Porn: Post Pix of Your Pimped Out Fuji X Camera

Started Mar 26, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Fuji X Porn: Post Pix of Your Pimped Out Fuji X Camera

ninhja man wrote:

Hi Fuji X owners,

I impatiently sit on my butt waiting for the delivery man to bring me my X100S sometime this year.

Everyone, can you help keep me sane and keep my appetite going by posting pictures of your beloved Fuji X camera all dressed up with your favorite accessories.

Hope this thread goes on forever and shows how Fanatic Fuji X owners can be.


Nick Ninja Boi for YeeHaw, TEXAS, USA

Have been reading the whole first 24 or so posts ... was thinking: Would there be a similar thread on the Canon Kiss forum??

Pimp up my Kiss??

There must be something about these cameras, otherwise one could easily feel embarrassed!

Good fun reading!



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