Good 50mm Lens For Sony Nex ... on a Budget?

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Re: Good 50mm Lens For Sony Nex ... on a Budget?

zink wrote:

The Olympus OM 50/1.8 gets my vote. It is one of the most compact 50mm SLR lenses, it can be bought cheap and an OM adapter is very cheap. Just make sure you buy a made in Japan version. The later MC versions of this lens have better coatings.

I tried around 20 different 50ies and none surpassed the 50/1.8 Zuiko. MC made in Japan version.
Ok, the SEL 50/1.8 was better, but that was not the point. I even tried Contax Planar 50/1.4, had a Rokkor 58/1.2 for two years, but I returned/sold all of them. Only the Zuiko (and SONY) stayed with me. As it was the best wide-open compared to all those Minoltas, Takumars, Zeisses, Juiters...

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