Good 50mm Lens For Sony Nex ... on a Budget?

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Re: Good 50mm Lens For Sony Nex ... on a Budget?

50mm lenses for old 35mm SLRs are THE most common and inexpensive thing out there. And many cheap adapters work just fine. Here's an old Minolta MC-Rokkor 50/1.4 I got for $15 with an adapter I got for $18.

Minolta MC-Rokkor 50mm 1:1.4 at f/2

I actually like the BOKEH better at f/2 and the sharpness really snaps in. (Has that dreamy, hazy quality wide open like most fast lenses do.)

There are some lemons out there, like my Minolta MD (not Rokkor) 50mm 1:1.7 or an old Chinon I tried out. There's also sample variation - the two lenses I just mentioned still have fans.

My advice is to get your hands on a few different old "nifty fifties", paying as little as possible (thrift stores still have them sometimes and of course Craigslist - watch out for fungus on inner surfaces and sticky apertures). Try a few out and run with your favorite! 

For product photography, I'm big on using macro lenses. They might cost a bit more and be slower but they're usually sharp, distortion-free and they focus nice and close!

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