Sony Zeiss 24mm - What is so special?

Started Mar 26, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: different perspective..

I am not an expert in lens characteristics but what I can say is that the rendition that the CZ 24mm 1.8 produces is definitely something you will notice compared to other native e-mount lenses. It is very sharp even at 1.8 and allows for some really nice low light shots. You cannot really compare it to the new 35 mm 1.8 lens as they are different lenses and 24 mm is considerably harder to make. Also, there are not many 24 mm APS-C sensor lenses out there, if any, so I guess hence the higher price. The only "negative" side is its size, especially when used with the lens hood but I guess the smaller design was not possible and would degrade the image quality.



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