Input port for remote control on sony NEX cams

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Re: Input port for remote control on sony NEX cams

well, my intention was not to start a discussion why, but how. IR is in my opinion completely unusable for operation cameras. I require that you stand pretty much in the center of the  frame (maybe you do not want to be in the picture , it is unstable - especially in bad weather conditions, the range is very short and do not allow half-press... I could live with a wifi trigger but play memories is a joke - wtf do sony make a camera with wifi and apps, if they do not want to develop - or let others - apps that can be used for something. I would go so far as calling sony's wifi and app for a marketing stunt - nothing more...

In my opinion the should be some kind of law against designing cameras with IR-ports for remote triggering. a i/o sync-port of some kind can be achieved for the same price.

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