Why I Prefer the E-5 over the OM-D

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The base ISO of the E5 is...

GNapp Studios wrote:

The OM-D is great...it probably saved the Olympus camera division and I thank the camera for that.

But I prefer the E-5 for 2 reasons.  Most important, the E-5 shoots at a low ISO of 100 while the OM-D only goes as low as ISO 200.  In outdoor shooting  when I am trying to overpower the sun with strobes, that is critical.  I wish the E-5 had a low ISO of 50.

...also ISO 200.  ISO 100 is simply the same as ISO 200 with a stop more exposure then pulled down a stop in brightness for the LCD playback and OOC jpg.

Second, the E-5 has an amazing battery life.  I can get about 300 more shots on a fully charged battery with the E-5 than the OM-D.

My comparisons show no difference in the quality of the shot from ISO 1600 down.  At ISO 3200 the OM-D has less noise and slightly more vibrant colors.  I rarely shoot even above ISO 800 but even at 3200 I can use a noise program and punch the colors up with AfterShot Pro so the images look excellent.

I suppose the noise differential depends on the scene and how large you display the photo.  If you look around in DPR's studio scene, you'll find some places where there isn't much difference at ISO 1600, and other places where the difference is substantial (at 100% view).

But, like I said, it depends on the scene and how large the photo is displayed.

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