You guys made me spend money...

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Re: You guys made me spend money...

HuntingSand wrote:

RoelHendrickx wrote:

I blame it on all the gorgeous Noctilux images I have seen here (you know who you are, yes I am talking to you!).

So I could not resist the temptation to make a bid on an Ebay auction for a (Cosina) Voigtländer Nokton lens of 17.5mm F0.95 in micro-FT mount. Mounted on my E-M5 that will be a 35mm EFL (and yes, equivalence comes into play so DOF will not be THAT shallow but should still be pretty nice).

I know, it's not the real thing (Leica Noctilux), but something my budget can live with.

Expect to be shown a few shots after the lens arrives from New Zealand. (There will be no Leica connection except that you guys drove me over the cliff...)

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Roel Hendrickx
lots of images:
my E-3 user field report from Tunisian Sahara:

There should be a separate Noct forum here! Congratulations Roel! I must admit I've never heard of that lens, or for that matter the one Olivier_777 mentioned (25mm f0.95?! Whew! m4/3rd is taking off...)

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Very interesting lenses indeed, and the closest I have found to the Leica feel on MFT. The 25mm wide open is not razor sharp, with moderate contrast and a sort of glow (residual aberrations), which is half gone by 1.2 and gone by 1.4 where it's parfectly sharp. So multiple lenses in one, you choose the aperture based on the effect you need... Just as teasers (before better shots from Roel :-)),  from the 25mm wide open:

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