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Life's a bitch

Jumus wrote:

I don't need to go into a detailed explanation about my statement, it is all too painfully obvious to all who visit this forum. By all I mean everyone. Senior down to junior members, Newbies, Lurkers, and yes, even trolls. What, in tarnation, has come over some, most, all of the posters?  Why all the sarcasm, back-biting, and all?

Just, CUT IT OUT! Let's get back to the business of cameras and digital photography. Otherwise, I swear, I will put a curse on all of you!

Let me repeat. CUT IT OUT. Let's get on with the business of the Forum...Sigma Camera Talk.

So, Here Goes...

In October 2009 I purchased a Sigma DP2 Camera.
Prior to my purchase I had spent numerous hours reading the posts in the Sigma Forum, and looking at the DP2 images posted and referenced. What a wealth of information. Thank you all for your posts.
I didn't become a member at that time because I really didn't have anything to offer the forum. I was new to digital cameras and digital photography and was, and still am, at the age of 71, on a learning curve.
My interest in photography started in the early 60's. I had a Mamiya Twin Lens reflex camera with a couple of lenses. I setup a darkroom and purchased as much "outdated" B&W roll film as I could afford. I went out and shot roll after roll of film, developed them and learned the craft to the point that I could see, from the negative, if I had composed and exposed the photograph correctly. I read a lot about photography and talked to other photographers. (I like Cartier-Bresson's work a lot.)

Long story short, I became interested in digital photography around 2003 or so. Got a couple of cameras took lots of images developed them with PC software and didn't like the IQ of my images.

My search for a decent camera led me to DPreview and eventually to the Sigma Forum. What a great place to get the skinny on cameras and techniques of digital image taking.  Those were the days.  Again, thank-you all very much for allowing me to "Lurk".  I must admit that I was somewhat intimidated by the knowledge and expertise of some of the forum members, and didn't feel that I had anything useful to contribute. So I continued to "Lurk".  (I feel a little un-clean being a Lurker and all.)

Now I will continue to "Lurk" for a while to see if the Forum gets back on track, otherwise I'm outta here.


Just saying

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