Choosing between spyder 3 and 4

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Re: Choosing between spyder 3 and 4

murcielago wrote:

Not sure if this is the right place to post this.

Basically I need to calibrate the hopelessly out of contrast lcd screen on laptop which has a glossy screen and maybe calibrate my PC's LCD which has a glossy screen as well.

i read somewhere that spyder 3 removed some ambient light sensor or luminance light sensor from spyder 2 and put it back in spyder 4 ?

anyway the key problem with my laptop is that when the background is white and the words are grey/black, it becomes hard to read. furthermore if the room has bright even lighting, the words become unreadable unless i crank up the brightness which become very glaring to me. turn down the brightness and it becomes hard to read.

should i get the cheaper spyder 3 pro or the more expensive spyder 4 pro?

Between the them, I prefer the 4...
Get a 4 Express and calibrate this way

But your problem is trying to use a glossy screen in bright room...

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