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Me Tarzan wrote:

Thanks for the information, Lloydy. I will look for your next set of posted pictures. I read your comments to me in that other thread and it's still difficult for me to get my head around using ISO 1600, particularly doing that all of the time.

... Just so it is clear - I am using ISO 1600 (Auto).

In practice this means that the ISO 'floats' anywhere between ISO 100 to ISO 1600, if using M Fine (DR 200%) and ISO 200 to ISO 1600, if using L Fine (DR 200%)

As an example, the 161 images I shot in the market were (With setting at M Fine) :

ISO 100 - 19

ISO 125 - 5

ISO 160 - 5

ISO 200 - 9

ISO 250 - 1

ISO 320 - 7

ISO 400 - 89

ISO 500 - 10

ISO 640 - 6

ISO 800 - 6

ISO 1000 - 2

ISO 1600 - 2

Hope this explains what I am doing

I know that the HS series that I own do handle very high ISO levels. My s100fs does best at ISO400 and below. Anyhow, those were very good example images that you posted in that thread so I can see that for your shooting needs, 1600 works well.

I was inspired by all the hype for the HS50 from this forum so I went out with one of my HS series today and did a little shooting. That manual zoom is a peach to use.  But the HS series aside, I feel that the s100fs is a cut above. After it faded things seemed to go downhill for Fuji with the exception of a couple of new offerings [just an opinion].

In my opinion - Nothing has remotely come close to the S100 fs for IQ.

That being said, I also have the FujiFilm X-E1 which really surpasses the S100 fs but it is constrained by being an interchangeable lens camera.

At present, I only have the 18 - 55 mm lens and am waiting for the 55 - 200 mm. Still not the reach of the S100 fs but I am sure it will be usable, and fun.

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