Laptop for serious amateur photographer

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Birk Binnard
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Here's what I did

I use a laptop when travelling for photo & video backup & editing.  So I wanted a machine that was easy to pack but still had enough power to run Photoshop Elements, Autopano Giga, and Sony Vegas.

I know from experience I needed at least an i5 CPU, and after converting my desktop's boot device to an SSD I knew the laptop had to have the same feature.

I opted for an ASUS ZenBook - because I only use it when travelling I got the small one with the i5 CPU, but they make a big screen one as well, and you can get an i7 if yu want to pay the extra $.

ZenBooks have IPS screens and therefore display a really great looking image.

My ZenBook has a 128GB SSD drive, period.  This is not a lot of space - with Win8 & my software I have about 60% free.  But I travel with a 2TB USB3 pocket drive which is where I put system backups and all my image & video files.  (On a typical trip I usually end up with about 50GB of photo & video files.)

Win8 is another story itself of course.  Most people either love it or hate it.  I'm a hater, but I installed a $5 utility called Start8 that makes the system look & run just like Win7.

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