Wish I could Affordthe D7100 but the D7000 still delivers

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Re: Wish I could Affordthe D7100 but the D7000 still delivers

john Clinch wrote:

SMPhoto wrote:

Just to be contrary... I would somewhat disagree. I don't know anything about the 600, I went for the 800 before it came out, but I'm not sure I would necessarily say the 7000 is a fantastic camera and all anyone needs. While it does have an expressive specs for the $ equation, and CAN perform very well under many circumstances, it also has some limitations that can be crippling in others. Such as AF that struggles with moving subjects in lower light levels, and mirror slap induced motion blur at key shutter speeds. Whether or not the 7100 has addressed these or not, and depending on risk tolerance for moire, it may or may not be an important upgrade for someone.

I think you have to bring the D600 into the discussions as well to answer my point.

In most shots any DSLR will do the job

I've looked through your excellent gallery. I didn't check some I suppose needed high iso. That aside a D70 would have done any of them

Most of my gallery here is so old a D70 may have! (actually I never had a D70, but a 10D and Fuji S5 Pro did most of them, and some are even 15+ yr old Velvia/Kodachrome drum scans). Honestly, I don't know if anything I've ever shot looked better at lower ISOs and viewed at smaller sizes than S5. Such good color and DR almost effortlessly like :

. There aren't any up there from my 800, probably need to bring some newer stuff over to this site. Thanks for the comments.

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