Is My Exposure Good?

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Re: Is My Exposure Good?

Gadier wrote:

jojo81 wrote:

Gadier wrote:

I played around about in LR for this one

I cant see the histogram, but it looks like you're over exposed for the side where the sun hits the subject.

compositionally, I'm no expert but there's lots I would change:

the background, it adds nothing to the image, either crop right down, or use a different lens to isolate the subject. maybe take a step to the left and frame it with the two black pillars.

the grill or vent on the wall its not major but once i spotted it i couldn't ignore it, or helpwondering again why you didn't take a step to the left.

the shadow across the foreground, well i'm guessing the whole area is surrounded in pillars so itisn't your fault exactly but a heavy dose of flash would breathe life into the dull rocks and illuminate the subject more evenly.

my 2p.


I guess the best thing I could do would be to take multiple photos from various angles of subjects? Whats your tricks for better compositions?

Thanks for the advice!

Getting good at reading histograms will also teqch you when you're getting in trouble.   In most of your shots some theoretical midtone probably was properly exposed, per your camera, but the dynamic range was so broad that the highlights were badly overexposed.   That was especially noticeable in the third shot.   A histogram would have shown that problem clearly.

Once you know you have a problem you are on your way towards solving it, though scenes with extremes of dynamic range aren't always easy to solve.   Some resort to HDR techniques, in the camera or afterwards.   Those can look odd, but not usually as bad as featureless expanses of white.   Or learn to live with noisy shadows.

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