Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: Is professional photography dying out?

Machine Gun Kelly wrote:

Speaking as somebody that has run a part-time photography business for a few years and almost completely failed to attract customers, the question has to be asked.

It's not as though I haven't tried - I just can't get anybody even to look at my portfolio. Let's see what I've done...

Yellow Pages - one or two calls about irrelevant matters

Website - no visitors

Van signage - one or two calls from other "pros" digging for information.

I did get a ton of people calling trying to sell me stuff from my online contact information. The web form attracted loads of resumes and spam. The web phone number attracted loads of people trying to sell insurance, internet services, credit-card devices.

Chamber of Commerce - polite interest but nothing more.

TV advertising - no callers.

Radio advertising - no callers.

It's all a very nice tax deduction but leaves me with very much the feeling that nobody wants photography any more - especially since most people now have a camera on their phone that's really quite acceptable.

One of the major problems is that people only want 1024 x 768 images to put on Facebook. I don't think they care about anything else.

I don't think it is dying out but it is more competitive. How is your work, is it better than 80% of the market you serve? Not everyone who *thinks* they have the talent and drive to succeed actually does, very few actually and that is pretty much born of the never ending circles of forum born praise on sites like Flickr.

I am plenty busy, do none of the advertising you list and have not had a website in 7 years, it's all referral and word of mouth in a hard to break into niche that I work in. I also do it full time, would never do it part time as I know what a commitment it takes...

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