Concerts: time for upgrade?

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Re: Concerts: time for upgrade?

vladi1234567 wrote:

Livemusic wrote:

Wow there are some good looking photo's in there i love the upper two en the last one the most.
The four pictures above the last one for example, i find a bit too dark for my taste. Still very good for a compact but room for improvement to catch more light if possible. Maybe dont zoom and crop? Have you tryed that? However zooming is less work afterwards.

As i use it only for concert i looked at your settings because you are more experienced with it, so you know better. I was hoping that 1/60 sec would be enough but is see that you used 1/100 that works most of the time only not for that moving hair (headbanging?)

What is your experience with it? Sometimes artists move a lot, or they move their hands on guitars and synths very quick. What is you setting to be safe so no movement is seen on your photo's 1/250? I a searching for optimum settings / proces to get the best looking pictures for photo's in very bad lighted concerts.

It really depends on how far you are from the stage and if you need to zoom in (meaning using smaller aperture), or if you can get pretty close to the stage - then you can shoot wide open and crop in post a little.  As far as shutter speed - I found 1/100s to be the best compromise, and if there's enough light - maybe even faster.  But it all depends on a lot of things - how far you are from the stage, how dark it is, and how fast the people on the stage are moving - and adjust the settings according to that

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I agree with this.  With limited light, 1/100s shutter priority seems to be a good setting. I also use center spot focus and multi metering if there is abundant stage lighting and spot metering if the artist is in spot lighting.

Depending on the light, I'll then try and bump to faster shutter speeds and lower ISO, shooting Single-shot AF for the most part.  I think with skill, DMF and manual focus could be very useful but I'm not there yet.

I find it's a constant battle for the most part to get enough light and with the step decline in aperture with zoom, being close helps but sometimes limits the composition of shots.  I also bump exposure compensation up to +0.7 at times.

Shoot in RAW as I think you can salvage underexposed shots better than you can with the jpg images.  Watch for saturation and fall back to B&W as it seems to produce a clearer low light image as shown below...which is true for video also.

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You're at the mercy of the lighting, no matter what camera you have in your hand.

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