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film isn't biting sharp to me

mburns wrote:

Lloyd's argument is seriously unbalanced. He upholds the stitching of digital frames as superior to a single exposure of film. Nothing prevents him from stitching frames with film as well. And the diffraction caused by his setting of f/22 will make a digital exposure just as soft as his examples from film.

I think we can get the general gist of the article which is that the reality of it all is that film isn't generally as crisp as a a good dslr + premium lens no matter how much you stitch.  Stitching doesn't make the shot sharper or more clear, it's just making a mediocre or sharp photograph larger.

I wouldn't even bother with medium format film today over digital... I'd rather shoot with a D800e.  Large format?  I'd rather rent/borrow an 80mp Phase hands down.

Unless we're talking about big sheets of film, I just don't see film generally putting digital over a barrel when it comes to sharpness and biting clarity... but that's going by my aging eyes

I do think far too much emphasis is on "sharpness" though in general photography, however I can truly appreciate it in landscapes, architecture, etc..

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