Replacing a compact, which one?

Started Mar 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
MarkInSF Senior Member • Posts: 2,237
Re: LX7 for landscapes, street & low-light

deryn wrote:

Yes Philip, or it could buy me a nice tripod!

The weight does sway towards the LX7 and tomorrow I might just ... or maybe the Sony?



While I like these two cameras a lot, they aren't the only two worthy compacts.   The Fuji X10 and its new replacement, the X20, are very nice.   Their sensors aren't as big as those of the RX100, but are a good deal bigger than other compacts.   They also have usable optical viewfinders (not terribly accurate, but good for sunny days), and they just feel nice in the hand, with a lot of thoughtful details.   The Nikon P7700 has a wonderful set of dials for controlling everything with ease.   They have an articulated screen and the most zoom range in the class, at about 7x.  The lens is slower than that of the LX7, but the extra length makes it attractive for travel.

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