X20 vs X100s Examples?

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Re: X20 vs X100s Examples?

It's the same question most of us faced when it was X100 or X10, now updated to read '100S or X20?'.

It breaks down to three points for me:

As the others have pointed out, from an 'empirical' standpoint, the APS/C sensor is going to make better pics than the 2/3" sensor:  No replacement for displacement !  Having said that, the 10/20 is far better than 95% of the compacts out there because it's a bigger sensor (that, again) vs. most of them, and the little zoom lens is fantastic.  But, it would lose out to a 100 or 100S in resolution.

Can you live/work with a fixed lens?  Or do you have to have a zoom?  Living with a fixed 35mm equivalent fixed lens involves more than 'zooming with your feet':  You can walk the soles off your shoes, but the perpsective, the look,  will always be the same.  With a 10/20, there's a lot of difference in the way 28mm looks, and the way 105mm looks.  And everything in between.

And they're physically different.  The 10/20 is a compact with a very good viewfinder;  the 100/100S is much closer to the way a real rangefinder would feel and operate, especially the S with its' new Focus Peaking and Split-Image function, now usable since the manual focus speed is normalized;  the MF on 10's and 20's still takes awhile . . . . . If you've never spent time with a rangefinder, the 100/100S can seem strange at first after a P+S or DSLR:  I can always tell when we see the posts expecting perfect parallax compensation on a 100, or the 85%-rant about the 10/20 OVF.  Range finder guys are used to this already . . . . either way, you've got the LCD to double-check the pic.  And here's the biggest difference with the 100/100S:  with the EVF, you can frame and/or double check your shot without ever taking the camera away from your eye.  Huge advantage.

So decide  . . . .

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