My HS50 EXR - Impressions ...

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Re: My HS50 EXR - Impressions ...

Me Tarzan wrote:

Thanks for the information, Lloydy. I will look for your next set of posted pictures. I read your comments to me in that other thread and it's still difficult for me to get my head around using ISO 1600, particularly doing that all of the time. I know that the HS series that I own do handle very high ISO levels. My s100fs does best at ISO400 and below. Anyhow, those were very good example images that you posted in that thread so I can see that for your shooting needs, 1600 works well.

I was inspired by all the hype for the HS50 from this forum so I went out with one of my HS series today and did a little shooting. That manual zoom is a peach to use.  But the HS series aside, I feel that the s100fs is a cut above. After it faded things seemed to go downhill for Fuji with the exception of a couple of new offerings [just an opinion].

You misunderstood, he is using Auto ISO 1600 setting, not ISO 1600 all the time.

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